Why Reverse Mortgage Education?

With 10,000 baby boomers turning 62 every day and with mortality tables showing people are living significantly longer, this group is desperately looking for additional retirement income and savings as they try to survive on a fixed income.

A reverse mortgage allows them to borrow against arguably their highest asset, home equity. A reverse mortgage assures they are not required to make any payments on the loan until they move or die.

This growing need can be serviced through a number of professionals including those listed below. What is hindering the growth of the restructured HECM Reverse Mortgage? Education, Education, Education.

We offer online education, webinars, and classroom course materials that can be licensed by qualified schools or you can use one of our elite instructors to deliver the courses to your audience.

The education programs provided and delivered by ACEI include a strong and targeted focus on the family of FHA’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), commonly referred to as reverse mortgages.

Professionals Who Benefit From Our Education







Services We Provide

ACEI is proud to offer a variety of education programs including courses (online and in a classroom setting), webinars and resources. We also have the capacity to customize our courses and webinars to assist Brokers, Associations and firms to educate staff and members on the ethical, factual and strategic use of reverse mortgages resulting in increased revenue and increased referral base.

License Our Content

We are proud to offer the opportunity for seasoned professionals and instructors to license the ACEI courses and webinars. This program not only reduces development and delivery costs, but eliminates the need to update the materials as legislative changes and marketing trends evolve. We will work with and train your experienced instructor to offer our programs. This includes everything you need to teach and market the programs.

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Sponsor a course

By sponsoring in a course or webinar we will provide an experienced instructor, marketing materials and continuing education administration in approved states. (We are approved for continuing education credit in many states for real estate, financial planning, insurance and mortgage loan officers).

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